5 Steps to Secure £150K+ In Equity Finance For Your Business

What They Say

" In 2015, Wool And The Gang were considering whether to crowdfund as part of our funding strategy. Julia provided me with strategic support and advice whilst we were at the planning stage of our crowdfunding campaign. Her insight and knowledge about the crowdfunding industry, working with the crowdfunding platforms, and advice on how to take a creative yet structured approach to running a crowdfunding campaign gave me the confidence to go down this route. As Julia had advised, crowdfunding was a labour intensive process, which required dedicated resource, hard work and determination to ensure success. We put significant emphasis on creating a high-quality video, a strong investor pitch and investor events, all of which made a significant contribution to the success of our campaign. We went on to exceed our £750k target to raise over £1m for the business. I would definitely recommend Julia as someone who can give deep insight into crowdfunding, and support throughout a campaign to ensure a successful outcome.  "


" Julia is a very diligent entrepreneur who always strives to be the best and most importantly is always looking to think outside the box which is a very commendable attribute that is the key to success in the retail world today. Julia is an indefatigable networker, with a clear eye for commercial opportunities. She has strong communication skills and is a very enjoyable person with whom to work. She works hard to achieve her goals "

Craig Skelton, Partner, PWC

" Julia's intelligent and perceptive approach to all aspects of her business makes her a genuine pleasure to work with. Her natural ability to articulate ideas whilst maintaining a commercial viewpoint is refreshing and delivers wonderful results! "

Lisa Tse, Founder and CEO at The Sorority

" Julia is a supremely skilled manager and networker and focuses on building a team where everyone can develop and grow. Julia has always been a business visionary and is dedicated to building and developing brands. As well as formidable commericial skills, Julia also has strong analytical and marketing kbnowledge which she has been using to mentor and improve my skills. Julia has never forgotten to put the customer at the heart of her vision and regularly talks to and engages directly customers. "

Lisa Pettit, Campaign Portfolio Manager, BBC

" Julia is always brimming with new ideas and approaches to difficult markets. Over the years I worked with her she proved a loyal, proactive and accomplished commercial professional.  "

Tony Blin-Stoyle, Digital & Broadcast Media Entrepreneur

" Through her ground-breaking shoe design company Upper Street, Julia changed the life of thousands of feet! Detail-oriented and easy to work with, she is the perfect entrepreneur: savvy, highly competent, passionate and driven to excellence. Julia has what it takes to take a great idea and grow it into a great business, while building a team and valuable network around her. "

Lily templeton, fashion journalist

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